Naturally reduce stress, re-energize, enhance mental clarity, and improve health in the tranquil setting of a nature inspired art gallery. Whether new to yoga or a longtime yogi, our yoga instructors make it possible for all skill levels to be challenged without feeling over or underwhelmed.

Individual/ Walk-In Classes – $12 per class
5 Class Package – $50

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe while at our studio, we ask that all yogis, massage therapy clients, and guests adhere to our COVID-19 safety precautions.  Read COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Yoga Classes

Foster Flow     Saturday Vinyasa Flow class with a different instructor each week, giving yogis the opportunity to experience the unique yoga practice styles of our instructors throughout the month.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Men’s Yoga     A yoga practice for men that focuses on increasing flexibility, balance, vitality, and overall health. Perfect for the fellas who want to improve health and longevity.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Mindful Movement     A practice that leads yogis deeper into the yoga journey, respecting life as it is in the moment, with an open heart, mind and body. Mindful Movement is predictably unpredictable as yogis mindfully transition into each pose, incorporating the breath with each movement. This practice is for anyone open to new possibilities.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Power Flow Yoga     Add some power to your Vinyasa Flow practice! Move through the flow of postures with some added intensity for a more powerful workout. This class is perfect for advanced yogis, and anyone who wants to be challenged while gaining strength, flexibility, and balance.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Restore & Renew Yoga     Restore and renew your energy for a refreshed and revitalized sense of being. This style of practice is designed to help yogis slow down and open the body through passive stretching and prop-supported postures. This class uses bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps to access the asanas and achieve a deeper feeling of total ease that improves mental and physical health.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Slow Flow + Yin Yoga     The perfect combination of yoga styles for gently releasing tension and tightness. Each practice begins with gentle Slow Flow to calm the mind, and then transitions into the stillness of Yin Yoga extended holds for releasing tension. This class uses blankets, blocks/ pillows, bolsters, and straps/ bands, allowing even those with limited range of motion or flexibility to benefit.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Vinyasa Flow Yoga     A flowing style of yoga that “flows” from one pose to another while creating a connection between mind, body, and breath. The perfect class for yogis of all skill levels wanting to increase  strength and flexibility.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Yin Yoga     Explore body and energy systems while working deep tissues-fascia, joint capsules, and bones. This practice keeps yogis mostly on the ground, using the support of the earth while holding poses for longer periods of time, slowing things down in order to become more mindful in practice and everyday life.

Experience Level: None, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels Welcome

Yoga For All      Yoga for All uses body positive sequences with modifications so that yogis of all shapes, sizes, and abilities get the most from their yoga practice. Each class focuses on building a stronger Vinyasa Flow foundation with the use of props. No experience necessary.

Experience Level: None, Beginner, All Levels Welcome

Additional Yoga Instruction

Private Instruction

Need a yoga practice that’s specific for your needs? Do you feel like you’ve lost your yoga groove, want more social distancing, or need a class time that works better for your schedule? Private instruction can be designed to your specific needs, based on the yoga style that’s best for you, including chair yoga and yoga for beginners. Private yoga sessions are scheduled through the studio by calling  (334) 671-2050 or online request (and we’ll call you to confirm).

Private Instruction Pricing
1 student – $55
2 students – $35 per student
3+ students – $25 per student

Grounded Kids Yoga

In Grounded Kids classes, we share the transformational benefits of yoga with children, giving them tools to manage physical and emotional responses to life. This program encourages students to reach for the wisdom within themselves and connect with their bodies to feel empowered and confident.

At this time, Grounded Kids Yoga at The Nature Gallery Yoga & Massage Studio is no longer offered as an on-campus program at schools in the Wiregrass area. If you are interested in hosting a yoga event for children or would like to bring this class to your community organization or church, please contact us at (334) 671-2050.

Experience Level: Kids only! None, Beginner, All Levels Welcome
Instructor: Virginia Watford, RYT-200, RCYT, Certified Grounded Yoga Teacher