Yoga for Stress Relief

Stressed out? Random body aches and pains? Trouble sleeping? Difficulty concentrating or forgetting things? You’re not alone. Fortunately, within the roots of yoga are tools to immediately help transform stress responses to a more peaceful way of being. 

Join James and Dianna Wells on Sunday, March 21 for an empowering workshop that covers:

  • Deactivating flight or fight in the nervous system and activating rest and digestion through yoga practice
  • Three breathing techniques for becoming instantly calmed and centered
  • Meditation and how to incorporate into daily routine
  • James and Dianna’s personal yoga routines and practices
  • The connection of food & mental health

Perfect for all experience levels. Come dressed to practice.

Instructors: Dianna Wells, E RYT 500 & James Wells, E RYT 500, MSPT
Equipment: mats, blankets, and props provided
Cost: $30, Space is limited