Discover the healing power of deep relaxation and meditative rejuvenation of restorative yoga and sound bath, joined together. During this workshop, yogis will be guided through a series of gentle restorative yoga poses while accompanied by the harmonic vibrational bath created by crystal bowls and singing bowls.

Restorative yoga uses props, such as blankets, bolsters, to straps to comfort the body, allowing for a more relaxed state that facilitates the restoration of body, mind, and soul. This style of practice turns off fight-flight-freeze response, slows heart rate, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, turns on relaxation response, releases physical tension, and stimulates immunity and lymph flow.

Bring a mat, yoga props will be provided at studio. Class size is limited to 10 people and advance registration is recommended.

Christine Drake, RYT 200
Jason Watford, RYT 200, Sound Therapist

Skill Level: 
Appropriate for all skill levels.