Myofascial Therapy

“There is a pattern, an order, in human bodies… When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously, the body heals itself.”
Ida P. Rolf, PhD

Normal fascia is in a relaxed and wavy state. When there is tension in the fascia, it starts to lose its pliability, becomes tight, and is a source of tension for the rest of the body. The restrictions can cause intense pain and limited range of motion by impairing flexibility, stability, and the sense of a “space freedom” state in the body.

Training: The Licensed Massage Therapists at The Nature Gallery Yoga & Massage Studio are board-certified practitioners of Synergetic® Myofascial Therapy™ trained by Magnus Eklund BCSI, LMT 144, Board Certified Structural Integrator, in a 200-hour graduate level 5 program. Magnus is a graduate Rolf KMI Institute and studied under Thomas Myers, the originator of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. This modernized training emphasizes movement (active release) for better assessment, faster and more effective releases, client safety, and neural/proprioceptive integration of the work, and is very much rooted in the classic Rolf 10 series.

Our massage therapists apply advanced training in orthopedic bodywork to the 10 series work for maximizing therapeutic benefits of massage for specific conditions and injuries.

Syngetic Myofascial Therapy is results-oriented, focused on healing and strengthening. Our massage therapists work slowly, never forcing, listening to and communicating with the tissue, to experience the “melt” of the fascia. A key component to the success of this treatment is client interaction and work.

This type of massage therapy emits feelings of openness and lightness throughout the body with increased functional movement and a more grounded stance. Feeling all parts of the feet touching the floor is common. In our experience, this style of bodywork “holds” for more extended periods of time than other methods, and is the only work we have found that dramatically affects a positive change in posture.

10 Series: Synergetic Myofascial Therapy uses a series of ten sessions that include check and release through the whole body in a well thought out sequence. Since everthing is connected, one issue may be caused by or affecting other areas of the body. Once most of these hidden adhesions are released, complete relief is possible.

In addition to addressing pain or injury, other effects of SMT are exercising more efficiently, breathing better, improved posture, fewer injuries, and increased flexibility, as well as possible emotional releases.

Details: Commitment to feeling better and willingness to actively participate in the sessions before embarking on a series is important. While it’s possible to touch on a specific issue in every session, the effect is greater when the whole body is addressed. If experiencing moderate illness, even if not contagious, this may not be the right time to add stress to the body. Please wear or bring comfortable cotton undergarments or light work out clothes – shorts and bras/sports bras/tank tops are ideal. Work can be done through clothing, but jeans are not preferred. Please inform us of areas not to receive treatment due to injury or trauma, as this work is extensive.

Scheduling: Sessions should be scheduled once a week to once every couple weeks. There are two options: Regular (75 minutes) and Extended Length (90 minutes). Most people over 40 years old, or have multiple injuries or moderately severe postural issues, require the full 90 minutes. If you are experiencing significant pain due to injury, it is recommended to have one focused session to work on reducing symptoms and evaluate your condition before the 10 series commences. Other clients may prefer a trial session to see if the work is helpful before starting the series.

“Release of myofascial restrictions can affect other body organs through a release of tension in the whole fascial system.”

Carol Manheim