Karma Yoga

Looking for ways to practice Karma Yoga? There has never been a time like now to practice giving (and receiving) love. Here are some examples of ways to give without the expectation of return.

  1. Share your talents. Are you an avid gardener or seamstress? Sharing your talents in the form of clippings from your favorite plants or making masks (or some other goody) to donate to a homeless shelter, school. or senior center.
  2. Share your time. Volunteer, listen to someone going through a difficult time, or read to a child. Sometimes giving someone your attention is the perfect invaluable gift. 
  3. Give service to our planet, as well as to others. See trash near your workplace or favorite park? Pick it up and place it in the trash or recycle bin.
  4. Random acts of kindness. Offer a sincere compliment, write a review praising an employee at one of your favorite businesses, or help someone with a heavy bag of groceries.
  5. Treat a stranger. We never know what someone is going through, and sometimes buying a cup of coffee or picking up the tab of another customer can turn around someone’s day, or entire month.
  6. Share the experience of yoga. As a yogi or yogini, you know the power of yoga and probably know someone who would also enjoy the benefits of practice. Give a gift card for a class that you can attend together. 

Do you have some ideas for practicing Karma Yoga during the holiday season (or throughout the year)? We want to know! Leave a comment here or on Facebook.